People (guru’s, experts, all them guys) tell you lots of different things you should do to grow your business. 

Not me. I only tell you what’s worked for me, and then I sprinkle my strategies and experience on top of a cake (ahem, your business) that you have already baked. The recipe is still, and will always be yours but I help you make it a crowd favorite. 

Opt in marketing is the ONE thing I have done that drastically changed my business, but it took awhile for me to find that perfect recipe, and i’m not keeping it a secret (I know you are probably thinking I am super sweet or a bit crazy). 

I can help you turn your superpower into an Opt in that will make them fall heart over heels in love with you (yes, really). 

Hey Girl, Hey. 

I am all happy dancing that you found your way here (imagine me giving you a cupcake). People who love me most call me the Opt in Queen, and I have helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs with free templates and training that help them actually make more profit in their business.

I love me some opt ins with a sweet side of digital products, and have a template shop full of professional Canva and Adobe templates, created just for YOU. But, it took me awhile to get here but I knew from middle school that I was destined to be an entrepreneur. 

If we time travel a bit to visit 12 year old Vanessa you would have found me doing odd jobs in my tiny neighborhood like watering rose bushes for the lady in the Victorian house, or serving up gourmet french toast at a sweet little Bed & Breakfast on Saturday mornings. 

Fast forward to 8th grade, I had my first taste of running a business when we organized a grade wide Mini Society (we designed paper currency and everything). We all partnered up and made a business plan, and then had marketplaces during school days, with the grand finale being a school wide market at the close of the school winter concert. 

I became a millionaire (paper money, of course). I had the brilliant idea to create mini pudding pies and hand spun milkshakes in paper cups. It was gloriously messy and oh so brilliant. I still to this day remember the rush of having a line of people waiting to throw that paper money in my little cash box (pencil case) and how fun it was being covered in ice cream and chocolate pudding. 

I started working at a restaurant when I was 14, and shortly after my life completely crumbled when the person who believed in me most, my grandma, passed away. From that point, I threw myself into work and was literally a 14 year old, independent adult. Entrepreneurial dreams didn’t resurface again until I was 27, when I was about to have my little girl who finally, turned my world right side up again. 

That was four years ago, and the journey hasn’t been easy. I worked from home, stayed up nights, lost most of my hair at the beginning of 2017 and have literally done EVERYTHING, including working at a content mill for .25 per project (ugh). I have been working on a Bachelor's degree for nearly a decade, and I truly believe that formal education in Psychology, Communication and Marketing combined with channeling my childhood entrepreneur, helped me grow my business to what it is today. 

I put all this experience to use in the best way possible by sharing the love and helping women entrepreneurs who struggle to grow REALLY find their place and own their superpower using Opt in marketing because it’s friendly and it actually works.

I'm all about cultivating a community that is fueled by love and ignites your passion to put your greatness into the world because YES, people need you. They want to hear what you have to say and they NEED to learn from you. 

When you are going at it alone with littles stuffing play doh in your keyboard, or dreaming of your baby business while working your part time or 9-5 it is way too easy to feel like the only way to grow is by implementing every single strategy because so and so says so.

Which is why I created Opt in Profit. A monthly membership for women who are ready to focus on that ONE thing that will make a difference in their business. The ONE thing that will have you playing with play doh with your little, or finally putting that two weeks in at your 9-5 or the local cafe.

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I truly believe that when you invest in your business with your time, energy and money it will grow as long as you focus on the right things. I know not everyone has hundreds and thousands of dollars to invest in designers and marketing guru’s (there’s that pesky word again) 

So I created a shop filled with Canva and Adobe templates for designers AND non designers alike, because I want you to focus on doing what you love, instead of messing with pixels and text boxes. My templates are oh so fancy and are backed by my own concept of conversion psychology so you can feel REALLY good about using them for your next opt in, digital product or course.

You are not alone in this journey.

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Don't just take my word for it, this is what real business owners have said...

“I did my first ever launch through my bundle. On the first day, I was so excited to see people buy my offerings. 

I got zero sales despite thousands signed up for the freebies and I was ready to give up. With Vanessa’s help, no joke, the sales literally started rolling in and I was beyond happy. This girl knows her stuff and if I were you, I’d jump on the chance to pick her brain, which I just did.”

Ira, Golden Whimsy Studio & The Creativeprenuer Vault

Vanessa’s opt in coaching is the best decision you can make for your business and for yourself as a professional.

I was in the infancy stages of learning the ins and outs of opt ins and I walk out now with a crystal clear vision on how to develop an opt in from concept to creation + finally promotion. Her process is applicable no matter what kind of business you’re in and she’s so good at breaking it down so that you can digest the information as easily as possible! Working with Vanessa is a decision you won’t regret!"

Jelisa, Social Pop Co.