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Your brand is growing – it’s a beautiful thing!

Now your are wondering if your visuals still align with your messaging, and even further – your offerings. Are you still on point for attracting your ideal clients, customers and subscribers? With brand growth comes change in your vision and goals, and you need a bit of help uncovering your brands true growing potential without straying too far away from your true purpose and brand values.

*Deep Breath* You can relax – I can be your Brands growth partner.


Brand Clarity is for you if…

  • You have your brand foundation all figured out and have developed products and services that you sell.
  • You feel confident in your Brand's Mission and value, and have goals for growth.
  • Your Brand has evolved far past the beginners stage, and you are ready to take it up a few notches.
  • You feel that you need a boost to be sure that your visuals and messaging are aligned, and need an expert pair of eyes to set you up for success.


Brand Visuals

What people see when they interact with your brand. Far beyond just your logo, it’s your visual presentation as a whole. 

Brand Voice

The impression people are getting when they interact with your brand. What feelings does your brand message evoke?

Brand Value

Everything you have to offer, from free content to paid products and services you provide – the latte and the whip

Brand Growth

How do you see your brand evolving? What do you see in the future and are you prepared for that growth?

Package 1

Best for those with a love for diy, but still need some guidance and support

We will go over the most important aspects of your brand: Your Visuals, Your Message, Your Offerings & Your Goals. I will spend hours researching how your brand presents itself across all mediums including your website, social platforms and products. I  will then analyze your goals for growth and success, and will provide a detailed report on the 4 core Brand touch points and give you advice and actionable tips on how to align your brand through a beautiful PDF report tailored to your brand goals and growth (nothing cookie cutter here, lovely).

This package includes:

  • A Complete Brand Review of the 4 Core Touch Points
  • An In depth survey on your brand pain points, goals and your future plans
  • A beautiful, tailored-to-your-brand PDF report with Actionable Advice that will help relieve your brand pain points and provide the workings of a stable foundation and growth
  • 1 Week of email support that starts after the delivery of your Brand Report the report so we can be sure you are ready to tackle the tasks that will help you grow.

Your Investment

$275 paid in full or payment plan

Our Timeline

2 weeks

“My website was something I had managed to piece together myself, but hiring Vanessa to give it a face-lift was the best investment I’ve ever made. I’m so proud of my website and my brand, and brag about Vanessa to anyone that will listen. What started as one project together has evolved into a longer term working relationship each month and I always look forward to collaborating with her. Vanessa has created amazing sales pages for my courses – far beyond what I could’ve created, which have helped grow my business as a result. I simply can’t give Vanessa high enough praise for her work – I feel like she’s part of my team now.”

Package 2

Best for those who love the feeling of having a coach to guide them, offer support and truly need a brand growing partner

Just like Package 1, we will go over the most important aspects of your brand: Your Visuals, Your Message, Your Offerings & Your Goals. We will dig deep into the depths of your brand and really work together to solve your brand pain points, as well as work on creating a consistent, authentic brand that will propel you forward as you grow. We will look at your current offerings and identify how we can improve them, and potentially discover new streams of revenue and list building opportunities perfect for your business. We will also get (maybe a little uncomfortably) intimate with your brand visuals and create a fool proof design plan for all of your brand collateral as you make, create and put more beauty and expertise into the world.

This package includes:

  • Everything listed in Package 1: The Brand Review, intimate brand survey & Beautiful PDF action guide
  • An intense review of your visual brand with the update or creation of your brand style guide with recommendations of images, patterns and graphics that will engage your ideals
  • 4 Weeks of email coaching, with one brand touchpoint covered each week, we will personally discuss your action steps, roadblocks and help you overcome them step by step
  • Recommendations on how you can enhance your offerings and increase your revenue streams with new or updated products, services and opportunities

Your Investment

$250 per week for 4 weeks

paid in full or payment plan

Our Timeline

5 weeks

Well hello there, I’m Vanessa.

I thought this was a great time for us to get to know eachother a bit! I am a brand and sales page stylist who loves nothing more than helping women entreprenuers design their own unique success stories. I am an expert at building cohesive brands and helping my clients discover profitable opportunities that align with their purpose – because afterall, showing the best of what YOU make is what makes me feel all electrified inside. I am the happy mother of a little girl who reminds me to live each day as an adventure (with lots of stickers, crayons and wall doodles, of course). I am a wife and above all, Muslim woman just striving to be the best I can be by helping other women live their dreams. 

I am thrilled (to the point of happy dance) to help you on your Brand Journey.

You, your Brand and I will be holding hands, skipping through a field of flowers (and puddle jumping is certainly encouraged).

How the Process Works

  • You will complete the application below to see if we are a good fit
  • Once we chat a bit, we will determine which package will best suit your need and we will begin your payment plan
  • The first week of our time together will be dedicated to researching your brand, and you will complete your in depth brand survey
  • At the beginning of our second week, I will provide you with your Brand PDF and we will begin discussing an action plan for your brand moving forward and I will help you with your brand pain points (all dependant on which package you choose). 
  • Once we have wrapped up, if you would like to work together for branding, course or eproduct design I will provide you with a 15% discount for our first project together.

Complete the form below, I am so ready for our ‘date’ – peonies + latte in hand

Optional, this just gives me an idea of how I can support you while you grow!

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