If I know you well enough, I would say you have a coupla business besties who would love to take this challenge with you… How about giving them a personal invite? 

To say I am excited to share this experience with you is such an understatement!

I don’t take designing opt ins lightly, in fact, it’s the very thing that gets me inspired and energized, and I hope that this challenge gives you the very same zest and zing and you are just all smiles over your new opt in!

Hi sweet friend,

I’m Vanessa. I am a brand and opt in stylist with a passion for making great design accessible for every one. I help women entreprenuers just like you stand out online and build brands that are purposeful AND profitable. 

I am so happy to have you in the challenge!

"In case no one tells you going forward - please keep making things in Canva. I am not a designer. I downloaded a free trial of illustrator hoping I could figure it out, but honestly, there are so many other things I would rather spend the time learning in my business. How to work Adobe isn't one of them. But I want to create amazing professional things for my business and be taken seriously. . . So. Please keep it up. I love your aesthetic. I love your offers. Thank you for helping us."
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