Introducing the…

Digital Product Creator’s Toolbox.

For course creators, workshop deliver-ers, ebook writers, workbook sellers, mastermind leaders, membership site mavens and passive income makers (or wanna be #alltheabove)

I know you (yes, it’s you I’m talking to)


You spend…

Hours. Scrolling through Canva and Creative Market templates just to find a whole bunch of different templates to create stuff for your digital product, and none of it matches.

Energy. Crafting the perfect outline, making the best videos, putting together the best resources that will help your students and customers do awesome sauce things.

Sanity. A digital product launch TO DO List is huuuuuge. Adding design to that list? It’s enough to make you binge on cupcakes and caffeine.

Money. Paying a tech VA, buying a membership to a course platform or funnel subscription… Maybe you are going all DIY and can’t afford any of these things but KNOW good design sells.

Words. Building the hype, telling people all about your digital product idea. You have spread the word, and now it’s time to take action and you are stuck.

Designing your Digital Products should be EASY…

and now it will be

The Digital Product Creator’s Toolbox

This is a digital box of everything you need to design your next digital product in CANVA or Adobe.


I’m talking opt in, ebook, workbook and planner templates that can be edited in Indesign OR Canva (wherever you’ve got mad skills). Plus, fool proof training on how to edit it to fit your brand perfectly, with social media templates & mock up graphics to promote your next awesome sauce thing.


Let’s take a tour of what’s inside, shall we?



This is what you get

 …and you can edit in CANVA

20 Slide Templates

Perfect for creating slides for your course lessons or for upcoming webinars, workshops or video promotions,

30 PDF Page Templates

Create your digital products with 15 templates: content, cover pages, planner pages, worksheets and checklists!

Audio & Video Templates

A set of 4: Cover templates for your videos and thumbnail templates for your podcast episodes

1 Spreadsheet Template

You might need a spreadsheet for your course or workshop, so why not make it a pretty one using Google Sheets?

5 Mockup Templates

Creating mockups can be a pain, so this set includes easy to use mockups for your digital product that you can use for Social Media + Sales Pages!

Digital Brand Kit

Digital Product Branding is a must, customize in Canva with your brand fonts and colors and give your digital product an identity.

Put the hours + energy saved from this Toolbox into your MONEY MAKER.

…plus imagine how much money you will save by not having to hire a designer. 


What others are saying…

and boy oh boy am I blushing!


“Finding Vanessa and her incredible work has been a game-changer. Your work is the best thing since sliced bread. Thanks for providing me with the tools to help me share my ideas in a format that supports my creativity.”


“These templates are absolutely amazing and beyond necessary… for everyone. I am a website designer but I honestly do not have the time to even create templates for myself. The workbook and ebook pages are especially relevant to me because I create optins and downloadables for my website’s blog and worksheets for my marketing coaching clients. This works so well because I don’t have to spend time designing an optin then adding all of my or my clients copy to it. 

I want you to know that the purpose of these templates is to make your life easier. I am a designer and I have created templates and workbooks for myself and clients but it takes forever plus infinity because I’m a perfectionist. Vanessa has already perfected these templates so it allows me to spend my time on other money-making activities. On top of it being super easy in canva for the non-designers and organized in InDesign for the designers I can also use adobe pro to create an editable version along with my printable version, which keeps you winning!

Vanessa will continue to get all of my money!”


I had NO idea where to start. I just figured I’d wing it and hopefully it’d turn out well. But my “Picture Perfect Style” opt-in is SO pretty and professional looking and it was such a simple concept! This workshop was so beneficial (and) It was simple, fun, and easy to understand. Now I know how to use Canva, templates, and more.”


Having all the steps to follow each time I launch a new opt-in is going to be amazing. I don’t work in mailchimp every day, so when I do, it takes me a minute to get my bearings. Having videos with step by step actions + really great looking templates to start from – I’ve just went from frustrated and overwhelmed to wanting to optimize every post on my page! The easy step by step instructions (feel like they come) from a friend. I don’t feel like I’m doing it alone, because, Vanessa, who has clearly done this hundreds of times is with me, holding my hand along the way.


“In case no one tells you going forward – please keep making things in Canva. I am not a designer. I downloaded a free trial of illustrator hoping I could figure it out, but honestly, there are so many other things I would rather spend the time learning in my business. How to work Adobe isn’t one of them. But I want to create amazing professional things for my business and be taken seriously. . . So. Please keep it up. I love your aesthetic. I love your offers. Thank you for helping us.”


Get the Digital Product Creator’s Toolbox for…

$219 $153 until Monday 7/9

I hear you over there all like…


 “This all sounds FAB but… will the Digital Product Creator’s Toolbox work for MY brand?”

Do You Design in Canva?

Perhaps a mini class or workshop?

Are you launching a course?

Creating an eProduct with training?

Or a new group program?

Have a membership site?

Maybe a few webinars in your future?

Running a free or paid mastermind?

 If you said yes to one, or a few of these than YES, girl. This Toolbox will save you TIME and MONEY – and you don’t even have to be a designer.



 You have the control to add your own images, brand colors, fonts and copy. All it takes is a sprinkle of imagination and the click of a mouse. 


“Thank you so much for the wonderful templates. They make my life and designing easier. I especially appreciate that I can create one commercial product with each of the templates! I’m sure I will purchase more in the future.” – Roberta

Get the Digital Product Creator’s Toolbox for…

$219 $153 until Monday 7/9

A’s to FAQ’s

(answers to your questions)

Are the templates pictured what I get?

The templates pictured are examples of templates I have created, but the Digital Product Creator’s Toolbox Templates are TOTALLY NEW, never released templates. So if you have purchased template before, rest assured that these will be all brand spankin’ new (how exciting!)

How do the Canva Templates work?

For Canva, you will get an invitation to the templates in which you will copy into your own account. You will then have access to all of the templates in which you will add your own images, colors and copy to give it your unique brand look (edit everything in Canva, it’s awesome!).

How do the Adobe Templates work?

You will open the .indd or .ai files and will have access to the templates that you can then customize, combine and save for your upcoming course launch and your future courses.

Can I give these to my Desiger or VA?

I get it, your busy. If you have a Designer or Virtual Assistant that you work with and you would like to hand the templates off to them to design your pdfs, go for it! They can only use the templates for your project. 

Will these work in other design programs?

The templates were made for Canva and Indesign. You can edit the indesign templates in illustrator, however you will not be able use any other program such as Pic Monkey or Design Bold without first editing them in Canva to suit your needs, saving them as png’s and adding them to your choice platform to add your own text and image.

Can I use these for client work?

Umm, yes! Of course. You will just need to purchase the Designers License upgrade at checkout. This will allow you to design unlimited pdf’s for your clients using the templates. You just can’t transfer the templates under any circumstances, all designs my be complete.

Can I use these to make products for sale?

You can use them to create end products for sale. NOT templates or editable files, no exceptions (thanks for being fair!). You can use them for digital products like ebooks, workbooks or planners (etc). 

Do you offer refunds?

Since the files will be available instantly, I cannot offer refunds. However, if you have any issues at all I offer 150% percent support, so please contact me if you need help with something. I want you to LOVE your Toolbox!

What size are the templates?

All of the PDF style templates are US Letter size. If you need to size them differently, you can use Canva for Work and the Magic Resize feature, or resize them templates using Indesign or Illustrator. The social media graphics are standard size for social media, with the Pinterest Sales Pages being custom sized for more visibility.

When will I get access to the Toolbox?

Awesome question 🙂 The Toolbox will IS READY, so once you complete your purchase you will get access to it right away. If you choose the Mystery Box upgrade at checkout, you will receive that on March 15th when the Toolbox offically launches (it will be so worth the wait!)

Get the Digital Product Creator’s Toolbox for…

$219 $153 until Monday 7/9

Oh hey, I made this!

I thought this was a great time for us to get to know eachother a bit! I am a brand and eproduct stylist who loves nothing more than helping women entrepreneurs design their own unique success stories.

I am an expert at building cohesive brands and helping my clients discover profitable opportunities that align with their purpose – because afterall, showing the best of what YOU make is what makes me feel all electrified inside.

I am the happy mother of a little girl who reminds me to live each day as an adventure (with lots of stickers, crayons and wall doodles, of course). I am a wife and above all, Muslim woman just striving to be the best I can be by helping other women live their dreams. 

Stop trying to DIY from Scratch.

the Digital Product

Creator’s Toolbox

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