You NEED to attract your future clients and customers. You can do it with an Opt in.


I get it. You haven’t made an Opt in yet because…


You have no clue what to create

You have no clue how to create it

You have no clue how to…




… plus you can’t afford to hire someone to do it all for you, these hours on Google and trying to piece together a million, bazillion ‘freebies’ to accomplish this one goal is enough to make you want to just give it up already.




The Opt in System = The Cure for Opt in Struggle


No more Google Searches. No more piecing together 10 things and still having no clue. No more Opt in Struggle.



I get it. You are all like…

…”Why should I invest money into something I am GIVING away?”.


Your opt in is the perfect way to warm up cold subscribers. When you pair an incredible opt in that solves problems for your ideal future clients and customers they begin to trust you and like you. They will be the ones who support your business, who buy your products when they launch and who hire you when they reach that milestone in their business.


4 Weeks to Decide on, Design, Deliver and Launch your Opt in

Like, whoa.




You will complete an in depth questionnaire so I can learn about your brand, your ideal client and your goals so we can design an Opt in that helps you meet them.


I will present YOU with three different Opt in ideas that I feel would help you attract your ideals and reach your goals. You will then choose one idea, and then we get to work.




You will design your Opt in, an Opt in Landing Page, Opt in Thank You page and a set of marketing graphics that will help you promote your opt in.



You will get a professionally designed set of Canva or Adobe Templates that will make the design part easy, breezy and beautiful.




You will set your Opt in up for delivery through your email service provider and make sure all of the boxes are up and running on your opt in landing page.

Coffee white-256px


After someone signs up for your list, you are going to take them out for coffee with a 3 day welcome sequence template that will help you turn subscribers into friends.




You will learn how to make a launch plan for your Opt in that will include a timeline and ideas on how to promote your opt in. This plan will help you organize your launch and build momentum.


You have completed your tests, got your opt in designed, scheduled all your promotional posts and you are READY to launch this baby! You will get support from the group plus lots of virtual hugs!

I'm telling my friends + family about the printable and getting them all signed up on my list! It's beginning! I’ve had great feedback on the opt-in process and content, too. Now I’m trying to tease other things to people until the book is ready! I’m really pleased with all of the work.

This is What you Get

A 100% Ready to Launch Opt in, in just 4 weeks


You will get access to The Opt in System for as long as it’s lifetime. This includes the audio and video training plus worksheets and pdf guides so you can rinse and repeat for future opt ins.


Get 30 days of Group Coaching in our Slack Community where I can help you work through your opt in struggles by helping you brainstorm, answering your questions and cheering you on. 


Get professionally designed Opt in templates, social media templates, a welcome sequence email template + tech trainings for Canva, Convert Kit and Mailchimp.

Your Investment




Only 10 6 Spots Available!

This session starts on January 15th!


…of course

The Opt in Essentials Workshop

$47 value

Enrollment in The Opt in Essentials Workshop which will help you design your Opt in Landing Page, Thank You page & get started with Convert Kit or Mailchimp.

Opt in + Social Media Templates

$44 value

A Set of 5 Newly Released Opt in Templates and 5 Marketing Graphics (for social media) that will help you design like a profesh in Canva or Adobe.

Well hello there, I’m Vanessa.

I thought this was a great time for us to get to know eachother a bit! I am a brand and eproduct stylist who loves nothing more than helping women entrepreneurs design their own unique success stories. I am an expert at building cohesive brands and helping my clients discover profitable opportunities that align with their purpose – because afterall, showing the best of what YOU make is what makes me feel all electrified inside. I am the happy mother of a little girl who reminds me to live each day as an adventure (with lots of stickers, crayons and wall doodles, of course). I am a wife and above all, Muslim woman just striving to be the best I can be by helping other women live their dreams. 

I am thrilled (to the point of happy dance) to help you craft a profitable Opt in Experience.

This is what the process looks like

  • Click the SAVE YOUR SEAT button and make your purchase
  • You will receive instructions via email to join the Slack Community a few days before we get started
  • Each week, the content for that week will become available and you will receive an email notification
  • I will check in to the group at least once a day to answer questions, give feedback and be your cheerleader
  • After the 30 days of coaching is up, you will still have forever access to all of the content from The Opt in System Workshop and The Opt in Essentials Workshop

Let’s Finally Get That Opt in Complete…

So you can get back to growing your business.



So I have been around the block a time or two when it comes to designing and launching Opts ins. My brain is like an idea generating machine, and while I can promise I will have some ideas that are unique to your brand I CANNOT promise how successful your Opt in will be. It depends a lot on what your audience needs and how much traffic you have, and how much you promote. If you follow all of the steps I take than I am 100% confident that you WILL get subscribers, I just can’t promise any results (obviously). If you go through the system and see absolutely no results, I will happily buy back the system from you. You will have to prove you completed all of the work, as well as been engaged throughout our 30 day group coaching sessions and asked all the questions you needed, and got support in areas you were struggling. I don’t provide refunds for buyers remorese, you DO have to do the work (I don’t teach magic tricks). I have seen this system work over and over again, and I truly believe it can work for you, too.

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