3 Ways to Design Your Opt In Thank You Page: Turn Subscribers into Friends


In this episode, I talk about a missed opportunity of many bloggers and business owners: Their Opt in Thank You Page! This is the perfect place to start when engaging with your subscribers and turning them from just a subscriber to a friend who loves and enthusiastically shares everything you do. We cover creating an upsell that aligns with your opt in, featuring more free and related content from your blog as well as a simple but effective page that encourages social sharing.

I also talk about my favorite landing page templates from Bluchic (*with whom I am an affiliate for), which are serious time and money savers. Check out the landing page templates *HERE. I also talked a good bit about my own opt in experience with a free opt in template pack, which you can subscribe for HERE (psst…. it will make designing your next opt in incredibly easy!).


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