How to Create a Free Resource Library as an Opt In

Hi friends! Today we’re talking about a couple reasons why a resource library may be a good choice for an opt in for you and how to do it. A resource library is a great way to continually engage subscribers and give them value, so let’s dig in!


Learn how to create a free resource library as an opt in to grow your email list!


What is a Resource Library?

Basically, a resource library is a hub of different courses, worksheets, PDFs, e-guides, tutorials, training guides, etc. It doesn’t just have to be PDFs! You can include things like training videos or podcast episodes. I also love encouraging business owners to repurpose Facebook and Instagram Lives for your resource library, too.


One of the major benefits of having a resource library rather than only one Opt In is that a resource library can be a great Opt In itself. You can still have each of your individual Opt In freebies, but if you make them a part of your resource library and then make the resource library the opt in, it can really sweeten the deal for potential subscribers.


Pro Tip: When putting together your resource library, it’s very important to speak to one specific person, your ideal client. Your business has a focus, and you need to remember that focus as you’re speaking to your ideal client. You don’t want to bring in a whole bunch of different people from a whole bunch of different niches. You want lots of resources that all aim at the same niche.


Good examples of resource libraries are Bluchic, where they have lots of free and premium resources including WordPress themes, landing page templates, and Canva social media templates, and Station 7, who also does WordPress themes and has a resource library.


Resource libraries are also especially useful if you are using MailChimp. MailChimp makes it slightly difficult to have different lists, so a resource library is a way to have multiple opt ins but have everyone on the same list.


Resource Library Tech

On the tech side, I use WordPress, so if you use something else, the next part won’t be as useful for you. Lets’s go through the basic steps and tips of setting up a resource library in WordPress:


Tip 1:

I would recommend that you have at least 10 resources to go into your resource library at the beginning. That may seem like a lot, but if you have 10 different blog posts, or live videos, or 10 of anything that you’ve asked people to sign up to watch or read, you should be able to come up with 10.


If they’re good, high value resources, you could probably start with 5, but make sure you have a schedule to continually add things to your resource library, because you want people to feel like they can come back regularly and always be finding great new content.


Tip 2:

Once you have your 5-10 pieces of content, there are two ways to get started making a resource library with WordPress.


The first is a plugin called Essential Grid. This plugin allows you to add your resources to your library and it puts them into a nice looking layout that is responsive and allows you to link directly to your PDFs. It costs something like $27, but it is well worth the investment because it makes your resource library look so much more put together.


The second option is free, using the Elementor plugin from WordPress. All you have to do is choose Elementor and then build the pages out. You can add the boxes and the resources.


Tip 3:

You should always add the cover of the resource you’re adding. If you posted the resource on Pinterest, use that as the cover. Make sure your resource library is laid out really nicely and organized and easy to follow!

Ready to stop fluffing around and get your Resource Library set up in a jiffy?

Create a Resource Library Toolkit

Tip 4:

You also need to remember to make your resource library password protected. To do this, you set the WordPress page as password protected. If you’re using the Elementor plugin, then you want to set the page format to “Elementor.”


To Recap

Here’s the sequence for getting a subscriber into your resource library:

  1. Set up your opt in landing page.
  2. Set up your confirmation email and your thank you email.
  3. Set up the page that houses your resource library itself and make sure it’s password protected.
  4. Set up a thank you page that asks people to share your resource library.
  5. At the end of every newsletter you send out, remind everyone of the password, and try to add something new every month or so.


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How to Create a Free Resource Library as an Opt In