Create an Opt in and Digital Product from Your Live Masterclass


Create an Opt in and Digital Product from your Live Masterclass


In this episode of The Opt-in Experience, I talk about how to take a live masterclass or workshop and turn it into an opt in and a digital product that will help you create a funnel that continuously helps you earn passive income.  I was talking with one of my close friends when she asked me about how to host a live masterclass and turn it into an opt in, and repurpose the content to be evergreen and so that she could potentially create a passive income stream. So essentially you’re saving the live workshop/masterclass and turning it into an evergreen opt in to grow your list, that then funnels people to a digital product that can be sold as an upgrade to the masterclass they just watched/signed up for.


The most complicated part of this should be figuring out how you want to integrate your cart/payment processor and where you want to host the masterclass and digital product.


Remember: Your expertise is golden. Anything you can give someone else that will help them organize, streamline, and grow their business is absolutely something you can and should be packaging up to sell.

Where to host your masterclass

There are some great options for where you can host your masterclass like:


I recommend that if you have a Facebook group that you go live there — you’ll be providing super valuable content to members who are already in your FB group, and when someone signs up for that masterclass, you’re most likely going to prompt them to join your FB group. So not only are you serving the people you already have, you’re going to be able to grow your email list simultaneously.

How to decide how much content to give away for free in a live masterclass

In the free training, you’ll need to first tell them the what (topic/subject) so they can understand the foundation of what you’re talking about before they can implement anything. Then tell them the why—what is the why behind them needing to know what you’re teaching?


My rule of thumb is to give them the what and then the why, then give them a sneak peek at the how. In the closing part of the masterclass you can give them that peek at the how. The how is what you’re going to be using as the upsell (or the digital product/course).


Masterclass Example: The benefits of batching social media posts

Say for example you were hosting a social media masterclass that was teaching the benefits of batching their social media posts. The What of the training could be that they need to organize and batch their posts. The Why would be that batching allows you to create all of your posts in one sitting so you can spend the rest of the time focusing on engaging with your community. Then the sneak peek of the how could be to tell them the tools you use for batching, or an overview of the process you use.


By the end of the training they’re going to want to take action – so you create a small digital product to help them further that How, that takes them step by step through the process you’re teaching them to implement.


When selling a digital product you can do a workbook,  a content planner, a checklist, etc. You can even go a step further and include a bonus video (using something like Loom) that teaches them how to use it, so not only do they get the workbook, but you’re showing them exactly how to use what you just gave them. Adding that bonus video can add a ton of value to your digital product. You could also include swipe files or sample pieces of content like word banks or hashtags to add more value.

How to add a shopping cart so people can buy the digital product

I recently did an episode on how to sell a digital product on any platform. In it, I share 3 platforms you could use to sell your product.


Or, if you’re on WordPress you can use Woocommerce (free), Easy Digital Downloads, Thinkific (my recommendation), or Teachable.


All you really need to do is setup the product somewhere, then stick the link to the product on your landing page for the masterclass. Most likely there will be people who watch the masterclass and buy the product immediately after; there will also be people who need to think on it a little and that’s where the welcome sequence comes in after they’ve signed up to watch the masterclass.


If you want to do a free live masterclass, you can easily turn that into an evergreen masterclass that anyone can later sign up for, watch and purchase the digital product that goes with it. If you want to set up a masterclass that leads to a mini-course, you can use Thinkific. Thinkific is great because they have a free and a paid plan (p.s. you’ll get $50 toward your payment if you use my referral link!). If you wanted to collect more information or have more features than what Thinkific offers, then on WordPress you can setup your digital product in Woocommerce and link your product to your masterclass training. They’ll checkout through Woocommerce, and then you can add them to an email welcome sequence (using a program like Convertkit) that then gives them a link to sign up for the course in Thinkific, along with a code so they don’t have to pay for the course twice.


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