Here’s How to Turn Your Facebook and Instagram Lives into an Opt in


Here's How to Turn Your Facebook and Instagram Lives into an Opt in Vanessa Ryan Podcast


In this episode, I am literally giving you an a+ strategy on how to turn your Facebook like or Instagram live into an Opt in! Repurposing your content not only saves you time from having to create content for every platform from scratch, it also allows you to reach even more people with the value you are already giving to your community.


You probably think I’m crazy, but here me out. What if you could turn that latest free training you shared as a Facebook like into an evergreen masterclass that will help you grow your email list and subsequently, your business? What if you can take that week long Instagram training series and turn that into an evergreen workshop or challenge that will again, help you grow your email list?


Now that you are sold, the next girl you are crazy I am getting from you is the how to actually make it happen. I cover all of this in the episode, which I would love for you to go ahead and give a listen to. I am going to list the steps and links here, so you have a visual reference too, just in case you need it.


How to Download your Facebook and Instagram Lives

Are you wondering how in the marshmallow to save your lives to begin with (like me), I asked my friend Haley from Market Beautifully (who has an incredible podcast, by the way) how to download and save your live streams from Facebook and Instagram and she gave me the scoop. It’s super easy, and this is obviously the very first step you need to take before you start turning your lives into the perfect Opt in!

To download your Facebook Live, click on the video to where the post pops up then there is three dots to the right, click that for the dropdown, and choose “download video”

To download your Instagram Live, share your live video and post it (the option is given as soon as you end the live) and then once it’s posted there is a save video option in the lower left hand corner!


Decide on WHAT you will turn into and Opt in

Decide on what live, or series of lives you would like to turn into an Opt in. You probably don’t want to turn all of your lives into an Opt in, especially if you do a ton. Instead, choose one (or a series) that is really, really good that will give your subscribers a ton of value. For your remaining lives, consider turning them into vlog posts, create pinnable images and continue giving value to your people for free.

If the content is super good, consider adding some additional content and turning it into a paid training (that’s a pro tip, girl).


Name your Opt in + Package it up

Now that you have decided on an Opt in, you will need to give it a clever name and package it up. Will you be adding something to your live stream like a worksheet, checklist or workbook? What will enhance the experience for your new subscribers? Once you have decided this, then go ahead and design it, package it up and get ready to start getting the tech and sequences all setup.


Need help with design? Sign up for my totally free Opt in Design Workshop that includes FREE Canva templates + video training on how to design your opt in, in Canva, as well as how to deliver your opt in using mailchimp and how to launch that awesome sauce opt in. 


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Let’s Design the Opt in pages for your Live to Opt in

First, you will need to setup the page for the opt in itself that will host your video. In this episode, I talk about using WordPress + *Bluchic Landing page templates (whom I am an affiliate for, meaning I earn a bit if you decide to purchase. You can trust me, I use these templates for everything). to get this set up in under and hour flat. If you can’t swing the cost of the templates (they are a one time investment of $67 for a seven templates) you can also use the free landing page builder for WordPress called Elementor.

Second, make your opt in landing page. This is how people will subscribe to your opt in and get your free training. Be sure to highlight the benefits that your new friend will get from signing up and the results they can expect when signing up.

Third, make your opt in thank you page. You can use this to encourage your new friends to love on you even more by sharing your content to increase your signups, have them follow you on social or provide an upsell. You can listen more about how to use your opt in thank you page in this episode.



Set up your Opt in for Delivery through your Email Service Provider

I use and love Convert Kit (you can click HERE For a free trial, by the way I am an affiliate here too) and I have also used and still love Mailchimp. Once you have decided on your opt in and set up all your pages, now you need to get it set up to deliver your content. Once your subscribers confirm their email address, they will get THE MOST important email, which is how to actually access and use the live stream turned opt in.

This first email will give your new subscribers the link to your training page that we set up as well as give them a quick reminder on what they can expect to accomplish along with any extra value (such as worksheets, checklists or workbooks you have added).

Once that’s all done and you have setup and tested your subscriber loop to be sure your new subscribers will get their opt in, you can set up a simple welcome sequence that will 1) give your subscribers more value 2) help them get to know and your business 3) tell them what you do, what you offer and give them a chance to engage with you.


Need some help getting your opt in pages + welcome sequences all set up? Check out The Opt in Funnels Workshop, which will help you accomplish all of this and more. 


Ready to turn your Facebook or Instagram Live into an Opt in?

I say, go for it! It may seem intimidating to get all the tech setup however I promise that once you write these steps down and check them off your list one by one, you will be amazed at how simple it is (and you will be giving yourself all kinds of high fives). I know it will be tempting, just fight the urge to turn every single live into an opt in!



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