How to Grow an Email List with Etsy and Creative Market using an Opt in


Learn how to get subscribers from Etsy or Creative Market by using an Opt in, Landing Page and a bit of nurturing! Grow your email list with Etsy!

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So you have a shop on Etsy, and you are wondering how in the world to grow an email list from your Etsy window shoppers and customers. No, you can’t just add them to your email list once they buy from you (that’s against Etsy’s terms) however, there are some creative ways that you can gain subscribers from Etsy by using an Opt in and a Landing page. It does involve quite a bit of linking and a bit of imagination, however you CAN grow your email list from a marketplace and I am going to share all my favorite ways (there are 5).

Guess what? These techniques on growing an email list on Etsy will also work for Creative Market too! In this episode we cover two different ways to get subscribers to your list BEFORE they ever make a purchase, and three ways to bump them over to your list AFTER they have already become a customer!

Tools You Will Need:

*Psst… I am an affiliate for some of these tools, meaning if you make a purhase through my link I may earn a bit. I use and love these tools in my own business, so you are in good hands. 

An Email Service Provider (my favorite is *Convert Kit, but Mailchimp is an awesome free option)

A Landing Page (my Favorite is WordPress + *Bluchic Landing Page Templates, however Mailchimp just rolled out their own landing page feature, and that’s free).

An Opt in (the possibilities are endless. Think about your most popular products and create something surrounding that. This could be a discount code, PDF design, templates, a free gift, use your imagination here gal pal).



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