How to Sell a Digital Product on Any Platform

How to Sell a Digital Product on Any Platform Vanessa Ryan Podcast

Today I want to talk about how to sell digital products no matter what platform you’re on – WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Blogger, etc. I’ll be sharing my 3 favorite platforms you can use to sell your own digital products on!


What is the best way to sell a digital product?

I hear this question a lot which is why I wanted to share 3 of my fave selling platforms that fit on any website platform and any budget! No more worrying about having to set up a big tech mess for your shop on your website, these 3 platforms are so crazy easy to set up! I am also an affiliate for both SendOwl and SamCart, which gives you a free 14 day trial for either (or both!) so you can have a couple of weeks to explore and decide what is right for you. 


The best thing about Gumroad is that they have a completely free option! They do have paid plans if you’re wanting more advanced customizations too. This was the first platform outside of Etsy that I used!

All you have to do is design a beautiful mockup of your digital product, list the pricing, description. Then for every product you setup it gets its own unique product link – that link will take your customer to the checkout page with Gumroad. You don’t even need to set up a sales page on your site (even though you totally should!) you can just give people the direct link to the digital product on Gumroad. You can put this link in your email and send to your list, put it as a button on your website, or even as a direct link in your Instagram bio! Once they’ve clicked on your product link it’s all over to Gumroad. From there Gumroad will take their information, payment information and then once the payment goes through the download gets instantly delivered to their inbox! It literally can’t be any easier than that!


SendOwl works very similar to Gumroad and isn’t that expensive after their 14-day trial. Currently, the pricing for the basic plan is the same as Gumroad, the only difference is that you don’t get a nice landing page like you do with Gumroad. With SendOwl you will need to have a sales page for each product, and then all you do is embed a link to “checkout now”. They’ll be taken to a secure checkout page that’s crazy simple for the customer to complete. From there SendOwl emails the customer the downloads once their payment has been completed!

> Click HERE for a free 14 day trial of SendOwl! <


The one I currently use and love is SamCart! I love the customization options for the checkout page and how easy it is to add new products. They also deliver the product to the customer right when their payment goes through so you don’t have to lift a finger! I love their user experience, it’s beautiful and amazing! It’s also what I used for the first launch of the Opt-In Toolbox, the launch of the Opt-In Funnels Workshop, and most recently for the pre-sale of the Digital Product Toolbox. They do have paid accounts but they’re so worth it because of the customization you can do.

> Click HERE for a free 14 day trial of SamCart! <


Don’t forget: Sales Pages

Don’t forget to create a sales page for each of your products, it’s not only great for SEO, but it also helps your customers know: what they’re getting, why they need to have it, answer any questions they may have, and give testimonials from past customers about how amazing your product is.


What about affiliate programs?

Affiliate options are available for Gumroad, SendOwl, and SamCart (you may need to upgrade your account for either of them to have the affiliate program available). If you’re just starting out don’t worry about having to set up an affiliate program, but if you want to start out by doing it for a few select people that you work with when you’re launching your digital project I think that’s awesome! However, you don’t have to worry about setting up a full-on affiliate program until you have a shop full of products that people are purchasing and you’re generating buzz for your products on your own. One thing that you could do if you really wanted an affiliate program and you’re just starting out is to have the program only available during your launch. Then once the launch is done let your affiliates know that the program will be on hold until the shop gets up and running. That’ll help generate some buzz and get the word spread more about your shop but the affiliate marketing for your launch is a whole ‘nother episode for another day!


So with these three options, it doesn’t matter in the least where you’re hosting your website. It doesn’t matter if you don’t even have your whole website set up! You could just have a simple landing page set up with information about your products and be totally good to use GumroadSendOwl or SamCart. Even if you’re on Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger, Wix, no matter what your budget is, there’s no excuse to not get your digital product shop setup now.


…But before you start selling digital products you need to do one thing…

You need to create an opt in. You can call it an opt in, a lead magnet, a content upgrade, etc., but what I want you to do is to promote it and put as much energy into it as you would as if it were a paid product. I want you to start a list of people who’d love to buy that opt in from you (even though it’s free).


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Need to get some new eyes on your opt ins to grow your list? I’ve got 20 ways to do that right hereThis audiocast will help you learn simple ways to grow your list. Once your opt in starts to catch on people really love it that will help you know what kind of digital product to work on first. Your digital product can be an extension of what that opt in is so it’s a natural upgrade from the opt in. Passive income is awesome but there are definitely steps you need to take to prepare yourself before you’re ready to launch a digital product.


What if I already have an opt in, a growing list and an engaged community?

If you’ve already got all those then now is the perfect time to create and sell a digital product!






I’ve created so many digital products in the course of my business, some have sold, some haven’t sold and others have been wildly successful.  Get that opt in created, that list growing, then get that product made and shop up! The beautiful thing is that you can always upgrade your shop as you grow. Everything you use, your website, shop, services, etc. can always be updated and grow with your business.


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