The Four Essential Pages of an Irresistible Opt In


I'm excited to talk about the different pages of an awesome sauce Opt in that will help your new subscribers connect with your content and actually use your opt in! It also includes a sweet little tip on how to add a call to action button to keep them coming back for more.

Hey friends! I’m excited to talk about the different pages of an awesome sauce Opt in that will help your new subscribers connect with your content and actually use your opt in! It also includes a sweet little tip on how to add a call to action button to keep them coming back for more. 

Full Disclosure, this post does include affiliate links for brands I love and trust. This means that if you decide to purchase something using my link, I will earn a bit and it costs you nothing extra (thank you, hugs!).


Page 1: The Cover

The first and most important page for your opt in is your cover page. I suggest always including these things in your Cover page:

  • The name of your Opt In. Make sure the title is really engaging and tells people exactly what they’re getting!
  • A tagline that describes the main benefit or takeaway of the Opt In. What will they walk away accomplishing?
  • Your logo and URL. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve downloaded someone’s Opt In, only to completely forget where I got it! If you want your readers to come back to you for more amazing content and to even buy your products or services, make SURE you include your info.
  • It’s also great to include a stamp that says “Hey! Download this for free!” to let people know that it is theirs for the taking 🙂


Stock photography is important and my favorite places to get it are Atelier 21 Co., Rosemary Watson Productions, and Twigy Posts. There are rumors that cover pages with pictures of actual people and smiling faces convert better, but I haven’t had a chance to test this personally.


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Stock photos are worth the investment, considering that you really want your opt in to convert. The more time, energy, and resources you devote to your opt in, the higher ROI you’re going to have.


Page 2: The Content

The second page is your content page. The content page is the meat and potatoes of your opt in – what are you teaching them? What will they learn from this opt in? How can you give them an “ah-ha!” moment? This page showcases what is in the opt in, shows why you’re the go to expert in your field, and it helps people gain trust with your brand.


Your content page can be very simple. It doesn’t have to be over the top. A lot of people get nervous about giving away too much, but you want to make absolutely sure that this content is super valuable. And if your subscribers find value in what you’re giving away, they’re way more likely to purchase something from you.


Remember that your subscribers will be your next customers or clients so you really need to nurture these relationships!


Page 3: The Worksheet

The third page will be your action-taking content. This could be a worksheet, a checklist, or a step by step tutorial. This is going to be what makes your subscriber take action on something. For example, Rosemary Watson runs challenges to help people up their Instagram game, and she always includes great worksheets and checklists to help people optimize the time they spend on the challenge and to make real progress.




Having a solid workbook, checklist or step-by-step gives your readers a feeling of accomplishment. They’ll want to actually implement the knowledge that you just fed them in your Content page, and that’s exactly what this page is for. Help them to accomplish that step forward in their business and they’ll be grateful!


Page 4: The Call-to-Action

The fourth page that I recommend that I see left out far too often is a farewell and call-to-action page. A lot of people put the call to action at the start and that’s fine, but I always put them at the end. This is because, if your subscriber gets to the end of the content and feels really great about what they’ve accomplished, they’ll be way more likely to buy.


Offering them a CTA gives them a chance to engage further with you and to continue this journey that they just embarked on. Not offering them a CTA is basically the same as giving your readers a little taste of something amazing without offering them the whole dish! Give the people what they want – and in this case, if they loved your opt in, then they’ll be excited to look further into your paid product or service.


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