What Type of Opt in to Create Based on Your Marketing Personality with Brit Kolo

Today, I am talking to Brit Kolo who is the creator of the Marketing Personality Type Framework (this post will contain affiliate links, but I love and trust Brit and the products she creates). and the host of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. Her brilliant framework is designed so that you are matched with the best marketing strategy based on your Meyers Briggs personality type. She is definitely here to shake up your marketing and inspire you to grow your business in a feel-good way. 


In this episode, we are gonna go deep and help you find your true self and grow that business of yours without being fake or sales while tying all of that into the perfect opt-in you can create for your business. 

Ever wonder how to create an opt in that feels really good to market? You will love this podcast episode with Brit Kolo of Marketing Personalities as she shares all about how your marketing personality can make ALL the difference in your marketing!


Who is Brit Kolo and what is the Marketing Personality type Framework?

Brit created this super-awesome tool called marketingpersonalities.com that matches you with your best marketing strategy based on your Meyers Briggs personality type. This is not a common way to approach marketing, although overtime and with her approach and presence in the online space, I hope it to be bigger, better and more common. 


She has been a marketing coach for a few years and in 2018, she connected the dots between what felt good for her marketing coaching clients to implement in their marketing strategy and what didn’t feel good. Doing several one-on-ones, she kept on finding that one piece of marketing strategy worked well for some of her clients while others simply didn’t want to engage with the marketing strategy. A pattern occurred. 


The more often that happened the more she realized that it wasn’t just a mindset block to that marketing strategy but actually related to their personality type and what naturally felt good for them. As soon as she started connecting the dots between their personality type and what felt good. She built a framework, built it into a website and marketingpersonalities.com was born.


This is a super cool tool that takes into account your Meyers Briggs personality and matches it with a marketing strategy that will help you make marketing plans that you can actually stick to, feel good about and grow your business with.

Why Your Marketing Personality Matters

I love this approach, because nowadays when people see a big name using evergreen webinars to take their business to success, they also try it but sometimes rather unsuccessfully (because, if your personality doesn’t mesh well with an evergreen webinar, you might end up with nowhere near the same results which can end in total frustration).

When you show up in a way that doesn’t feel good or natural to you, your audience feels that. They feel the low-vibe, icky, fake-sales energy, they don’t trust you and they can’t trust you because they can see right through that. 

On the flipside when you show up in a way that feels good to you and that is aligned with your personality type your audience feels good and is at ease. They can pick up on those vibes and good energy and they’ll start to trust you because they can see that you are showing up authentically. And, remember, a good audience is more apt to buy from you.


This goes back to a term in psychology, the “feel good, do good” phenomena. So, if you are high vibing at a webinar and people catch your energy and it is contagious for them when you make an offer in the end, they are going to be more likely to invest their time and money into you as opposed to feeling like they don’t belong there.


How can YOU use this marketing tool to figure out the best type of marketing for their business?

We all know I am a big fan of live webinars. So, my mind was blown when I took Brit’s free quiz (which you can take by clicking here) and the results matched this, I had so many light bulb moments! 


If you don’t know your Meyers Briggs personality type yet, go to 16personalities.com to find your personality type. Once you know your type you can go to marketingpersonalities.com and click on your type, where you will find out more about your type as well as your best marketing strategy.

Now, you have one big permission slip to go and focus on that one strategy. This allows you to let go of those things that are not involved in that one marketing strategy and lean more into what is going to feel good and natural for you.

It can get muddy when your minds takes over and wants you to try all the strategies. That’s where Brit comes in with tons of resources that will help you find something that works for you, and feels good for your tribe. The hardest part is believing that this one strategy is enough to commit to, but crazy (good) things can happen if you commit yourself 100% to that marketing strategy. 


Why is Marketing Personalities built from Meyers Briggs?

The Meyers Briggs test is backed by psychology and time, and is considered the gold standard of personality assessments. With 16 personality types and billions of people in the world, most people have had some type of experience with Meyers Briggs in the past.

I remember when I was in high school, senior year, we were doing vocational and career type training. They had us go through the Meyers Briggs personality type test and they would tell us what types of jobs we would be good at. So, before I started my business and became an entrepreneur, I  remember applying for several different jobs and having to take that Meyers Briggs personality type test as part of the application. 

I love how you can take these personalities and break them down into the marketing strategies that would fit your personality type. I think that where we are at in the online world, people are trying to make a shift from trying to do what works for everyone else to find what works for themselves.


In the world of entrepreneurs, we asked Brit if there are any personality types that stick out or come up more often than others.

Since Brit niched into marketing personalities bringing with her, her female entrepreneurial audience she did mention that it could possibly skew the data, but her people tend to be in the diplomat tribe, and that means that they have the two middle letters of NF which stand for intuitive feelers. There are a ton of intuitive feelers in her audience. But this might not be the trend for all entrepreneurs. There are a few personality types that are hardly seen and those are ISTP, ESTP and ISTJ. 


We asked Brit how personality types differ from he ones she always sees and the untypical

NF, and ST which stand for observant and thinking. And that doesn’t mean that they are not in our space, they might not just have been attracted to what you are putting out. 

The first letter is either an I or an E stands for introvert or extrovert, the second letter is either an N or an F and that stands for intuitive and observant and this is related to where you are picking up your cues, if you are intuitive you prefer to look inward for your clues, data and info. And if you are observant, you prefer to look externally to pick up on cues and info.

The third letter is either an F or a T which stands for feeling and thinking. And this is where people make their decisions from, so if you are an F you tend to make decisions from feelings and not things you can see in a spreadsheet but what you feel in a moment. T makes decisions you can put your hands around, spreadsheets, numbers and things you use your brain for. 

The last letter is, whether a J or a P, J stands for judging and P stands for preceding. This one is interesting because people hear ‘judging’ and think I mean judgmental, but that is not what that stands for. Judging means you can make decisions pretty quickly, you are discerning, it’s more black and white. The Perceivers, they see a lot of grey area, and they don’t necessarily pride themselves in the decision-making skills, they like to stay open to things and they don’t make decisions as quickly.


Find your marketing personality type with Brit Kolo

That’s a quick run down, and there are a total of 16 combinations, so if you are curious on what your Marketing Personality type is you can click here to go find out!



So Brit, Do you think you have a lot of NF because they tend to like that feel-good feeling?

She says : I think a lot of creative entrepreneurs are NF because we are constantly overthinking. While there are thinkers in the space, they tend to not respond to feel-good messaging because they think, constantly. They prefer to think than feel. This is their preference and natural tendency. For different types, it might take a little coaxing and education to get them to ready to go on that feel-good feeling and then some are like “I get this, I want this.”


Similarly, for me, with Opt-in profit, this totally makes sense to me, some people have way more questions and they want to think through the entire process, of how it will work, and what it will do. Whereas some people are like this is great content, I have this feeling, I know you are going to work for me. Help me, I am all in for it. So, that totally connected the dots for me in terms of personalities.


We Also got Brit’s perspective, based on the personality types of course, on how can someone choose an opt-in that will feel good


This is where it becomes actionable. To make this easier, they will be grouped into their tribes. 


The analyst tribe consists of your INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, INTP. Analysts are intuitive thinkers, they tend to be incredible at taking the big picture and chunking it down into smaller steps. So, if you are an analyst creating an opt-in, can you give us something that gives a very detailed step-by-step way of how to do something, in a way that you know it already works.


Now if you are on the introverted side, you are probably gonna give us a step-by-step opt-in in a less out there kind of way, so that can take on many different formats, INTJ and INTP are awesome at quizzes because they’ve got this incredibly brilliant thinking mind. They can put the puzzle pieces together, more so than others.

If you are an ENTJ, you are probably gonna want to show up on video really, showing us the step-by-step. For ENTPs, those live facebook challenges are really popular, they do this best because they can take both sides of the equation and can speak to both sides. They are your typical debaters, they can challenge you through a step-by-step process and keep up with everybody even when someone gets stuck on day three, they are willing to get in there, keep challenging them and willing to push them forward, for the rest of us that just gets overwhelming. 



Moving onto the diplomats, which are INFJ, INFP, ENFJ or ENFP, they often have so much content. I am definitely guilty of this!


If you are a diplomat, look at the content you have already created. Whether it is a blog, podcasts, videos, take them and curate them. Put them into a book, series, or mini-course. You already have the content, it’s a blessing and curse because sometimes they are not utilizing it fully. Because they are just creating, creating, creating. Curate it into whatever format it already is and offer that as your opt-in.  INFJ and INFPs usually create written content while ENFJs and ENFPs are more behind a microphone.



Sentinals, these are ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ or ESFJ. They are organizers, they keep the world running by organizing, they love templating things out. They are really good at creating templates for the rest of us. You probably have a whole slew of templates on your computer that can be offered in beautiful ways.



Explorer tribes, the free spirits, they are ISTP, ISFP, ESTP or ESFP. Our explorers have to start with action, they have to put somethings into play, screw some things up and then go on from there. Explorers are encouraged to offer some free trial or some free experience so their customers can get in there and get their hands dirty with them to be able to experience what they offer. The “try before you buy” mentality is really from the explorer. 


So if you haven’t already, you probably want to find your Marketing Personality right now, right?

Hop on over to marketingpersonalities.com, find your personality and you will get what your marketing strategy include for free! This is that first really great nugget that you need to begin putting into play. This often gives you a permission slip to put that marketing strategy into play. 


Beyond that, Brit offers a low-cost full report, there is one for each personality type, so you’ll get yours based on your type and that full report goes into much greater detail with insight as to where you might get stuck as well guidelines that coaches you through it, book recommendations to read and what your worst marketing strategy is. 

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