The 4 Essential Pages Your Opt In Design Needs: Be Their Go To Expert


In this podcast I talk about the 4 essential pages your opt in design needs, and tell you why you need to focus equally on design and content to really connect with your audience. Learn how to grow an email list of engaged subscribers and get a free set of Canva design templates to use for your next opt in design!


Welcome to Episode 1 of The Opt in Experience! In this series I take you step by step through designing an opt in, content upgrade, subscriber magnet or freebie that will turn your subscribers into friends who love, share and support everything you do. In this episode I go over the 4 Essential Pages that your Opt in Design Needs: Cover, Content, Take Action and Call to Action.

I mentioned some of my favorite styled stock photography resources like *Haute Stock, *Rosemary Watson and *Twigy Posts to really help your cover grab all that awesome attention your opt in deserves (*pssst… I am an affiliate for these brands, meaning I earn a bit for referring you. Don’t worry, I only share brands I love and trust).


>>I also spilled the beans on a totally free, done for you Opt in Template pack that you can get by signing up HERE.<<


Learn how your opt in design relates to a package of cookies, and about my experience designing opt ins that convert!




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