The Opt in Design Workshop: It’s Free. Here’s Why You Should Sign up.


Let's design your first, or next, Opt in in Canva! In The Opt in Design Workshop I will walk you through the steps of designing a professional Opt in in Canva. Includes free canva templates along with tips on how to create an opt in that turns subscribers into fast friends and future customers and clients. Click through to sign up, it's free!

We all know that creating the Opt in is only about a third of the battle, and after the creation comes the design which isn’t always an easy task especially if you are not a designer and only have inexpensive tools at your fingertips. I created The Opt in Design Workshop as a way to help you design an Opt in using Canva and professionally designed Canva templates that you can use to create a beautiful and actionable Opt in that will help turn your subscribers into fast friends and future clients and customers.

Learning how to use Adobe products may not always be the solution as a online entreprenuer, especially when you have content to create and a community to build (and let’s not forget, it can be quite an investment). Using an online platform like Canva is the perfect solution for those who want to not only save time, but put their best brand foot forward when it comes to designing the much needed marketing materials for all things business.

The Opt in Design Workshop includes four days of lessons along with professionally designed Opt in Templates that can be used in Canva (I’m talking, fully editable) for your first or next Opt in. This is what you can expect when you sign up for the free Opt in Design Workshop!



Day One – Designing an Opt in Cover

We will cover what you need to include on your Opt in Cover, how to choose an image that helps grab attention and copy that seals the deal and turns prospects into subscribers. In this video lesson, I walk you through designing an Opt in cover in Canva using a template I created exclusively for this challenge. In not just one but two examples, I share with you how to use the Canva template for your brand (and some of my favorite places to get Styled Stock photos).


Day Two – Designing the Opt in

You will have a choice between a few free worksheet Canva templates that you can fill up with your content. To make it one of your best opt ins yet, I dish out my best tips on creating an opt in that is actionable and showcases your expertise. We want your subscribers to see a difference in their life and business, we don’t want this to be just another opt in that collects dust on their desktop (that eventually ends up in the recycle bin). I will also show you how to save your opt in files and upload them to an online pdf combiner to make them ready for delivery to your new friends. This video lesson is accompanied by


Day Three – Designing a Social Media Mockup

The next step is to make social media graphics to promote this awesome opt in, but how do you make a social media mockup graphic anyway? How do you get the opt in pages on your social media graphic? That’s an awesome question, and I am going to show you how to do it in Canva (no photoshop required). With a Social Media Canva template, I will walk you through how to create an awesome opt in mockup that is sized for Instagram, and that can be interchangeably used for Facebook and Twitter to help you promote your Opt in.


Day Four – Delivering it to your Subscribers

I can’t leave you with an awesome Opt in without telling you how to deliver it to your subscribers! This part can get a bit confusing, so I am going to break down step by step how to deliver your pdf to your subscribers using a free Mailchimp account. I will tell you how to create a new list, how to enable the Welcome email and how to add your pdf file to the welcome email so it gets delivered as soon as someone confirms their email address.


Have You Signed up Yet? It’s free!

The best part about all of this goodness, is that it’s totally FREE! Free Design Training, Free Canva Templates, Free Tips (why haven’t you signed up yet?). The Workshop will run once a month, and if you attend you get an extra special offer on my Signature Product, The Opt in Toolbox, which includes 35 templates that you can mix and match for most (if not all) of your future opt ins. Sign up HERE, and let’s get ready to cross ‘Design Opt in’ off of your to do list!


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