What is an Opt In, Content Upgrade and Lead Magnet Anyway?


In this epsiode of The Opt in Experience we talk all about what an opt in, content upgrade or lead magnet really is and how to use them to grow your email list and business strategically! I also talk about the very first opt in I ever downloaded! Click through to get some free Canva opt in Templates and Training, and to have a listen!


In this episode of Opt in Profit, I talk about what an opt in is, what it can do for your business and my experience with creating them. 

What is an Opt In?

Let’s go over the basics of opt in marketing starting with what is an opt in and why you need one for your blog or business.


An opt in is essentially free content that gives value to your blog posts, funnels visitors to your services and courses. Sometimes they’re called a lead or subscriber magnet, but I just call them opt-ins because ultimately, you are giving immense value to your subscribers in exchange for having them hop onto your email list. 


An opt in is a form of marketing, which is a part of content marketing. Opt in marketing should be a big part of your plan on how to grow your blog and business because it’s really effective and it can help you plan out the new content you create. It’s also a tool you use to help attract your ideal customer, client, reader or subscribers. It can not only help you reach your audience but can also help them solve the problems they’re having, which is really fulfilling.


One thing to think about when creating your opt in is, are you creating something with a big impact, something that will help improve your reader’s life. I see an opt in as more than a marketing tool, I see it as a way to make a difference in someone’s life.


An opt in is a free download/tool/etc. that you give in exchange for someone’s email address. It could be anything from a PDF, email course, exclusive blog/podcast episode, worksheet to go with that blog post, or free stock photos, basically it’s anything that is delivered digitally.


It’s the first “yes” in your friendship with your reader. It’s like asking a new friend to have a coffee chat (like the Social Glue Method created by Reina of Reina and Co.), the first time they say “yes” to that is like when they subscribe to your mailing list and receive your opt in.


There’s a podcast by Rosemary Watson about permission marketing where she quotes Seth Godin who says that “when you show up for people, they’ll start missing you when you stop posting”. That’s the kind of relationship you want to create with people through your opt in.


What an opt in can do for your business

You shouldn’t be creating opt ins because you feel pressured to do so. You need to be creating opt-ins that make sense and provide quality to what’s going to attract your ideal client. If you’re confused about who you’re trying to reach, your opt-ins aren’t going to reach anyone. Take time to figure out who you want to reach and then create your opt-in. This will help give you traction and attract the right audience.


One of the previous opt ins  I had on my site was for the free Opt In Design Workshop where over 5 days you create your own opt in . It even comes with free Adobe and Canva templates!


Once I identified who my audience was, I was able to grow my list and be laser-focused on how I wanted to help them. In working with past clients I learned that I love opt in marketing, from designing them, coming up with ideas, launching and all that. Once I stopped being a jack-of-all-trades in my business and started to niche down, my business has grown so much! When I started creating everything in my business around opt ins narrowed down what I do and focused my marketing on opt ins I gained so much clarity in my business.


The biggest thing to remember is with your opt in(s) to make sure they all lead to the one main purpose in your business. What are people asking most often in your communities and how can you solve their problem using an opt in which will then lead to your services?


Every opt in you have may not be a success. Save them so you can repurpose them later when you figure out what your audience wants.


Still need some help? Check out Opt in Proft. From figuring out the content to designing and launching, even to creating your welcome sequence once they sign up.


P.S. What was the first opt in you downloaded? One of the first opt in I downloaded was from Melissa Griffin! Let me know in the comments because it’s so much fun to think back to that first one!