Why a Quiz is a Great Opt In & How to Create an Engaging Quiz Experience

If you have ever thought of creating a quiz as an Opt in, this episode is for you! Learn why a quiz is a great opt in overall, and how to know if it is a good fit for your business. Plus, learn my favorite tools that make creating a quiz super easy!


If you have ever thought of creating a quiz as an Opt in, this episode is for you! Learn why a quiz is a great opt in overall, and how to know if it is a good fit for your business. Plus, learn my favorite tools that make creating a quiz super easy!


Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means that I get a small cut of their sales at no expense to you. Also note, that I only promote programs and systems that I used and/or love myself! Thank you for your support, dear friend! 


My Introduction to Quizzes as Opt Ins

There are so many things you can use as opt ins. On this podcast, I’ve talked about using resource libraries, repurposing Instagram and Facebook lives, and many more different types of opt ins. You can head back and listen through those podcasts for more information!


Quizzes are something I didn’t try for a long time. When I started out doing branding and web design, I wanted to do a quiz about “What’s Your Brand’s Ice Cream Flavor?” Fast forward, and I niched down into opt ins. I realized that opt ins were by far my favorite thing to work on, next to launching digital products.


I spent a bunch of time wondering what kind of quiz I wanted to create for my opt in business. The fire really ignited when I was listening to Kayla Hollatz speak at Copper Kettle Co‘s Creative Launch Summit. She talked about using a quiz as an opt in, and I got all fired up! We started going back and forth in the chat and I realized I definitely wanted to use a quiz as an opt in.


I got overwhelmed pretty quickly, though. I couldn’t decide what kind of quiz to make, but the universe kept telling me to make a quiz. Then I got an email from probably the best quiz platform out there. They invited me to become a partner with them and I took that as a sign that I needed to create a quiz, like NOW.


So here we go into why a quiz is a great opt in!

Quizzes are fun! They provide people with instant gratification, if people engage with the quiz, they love to see their results from the quiz. For me anyway, quizzes bring back a lot of nostalgia for the magazine style quizzes that I’d take in magazines like Seventeen or Cosmopolitan when I was younger.


My friend Ingrid Urena came up with a quiz that helps people figure out their Instagram style. Like what’s the mood, what’s the style, what sort of stock photos should you use? The fantastic thing about her quiz is that, not only did she walk you through the quiz questions, but at the end she offered a free bundle of stock photos that match your style, along with a welcome sequence that shows people how to continue to build their style on Instagram.


You can actually take her quiz for yourself and snag that free stock photos bundle right here!


Pro Tip: Remember to make sure that your quiz connects neatly to a product or a service that you offer! Quizzes are highly engaging, which makes them perfect for upsells or direct funnels into a related product or service.


How to make your quiz?

So, earlier I said that I have a really amazing program that helps you to make your own quizzes super easily – it’s called Interact and if you click on that link, you’ll actually get a free trial and a discount if you ever choose to subscribe to their premium version.


>> Try Interact Quiz Builder for Free by clicking this link<<


I’ve been playing around with Interact and they have a beautiful drag and drop feature and lots of pre-built themes so you can just pop in your questions and drop the quiz right into your website. Super easy, right?!


After going back and forth about what I wanted to create, I’ve decided that my quiz will walk people through different opt in choices and at the end will present them with a series of opt ins that fit their personality as well as ones that are suited to their target audience. It will be at this page here when it’s ready!

Want the step by step, no fluff guide to creating your quiz in an afternoon?

Create a Quiz Toolkit


When you’re creating your quiz…

…you want to figure out who you’re speaking to. Who is your ideal client? Whoever you’re writing your blog posts for, whoever you’re talking to on social media, these are the people you should write your quiz for.


In my case, people are always wondering what kind of opt in is right for them. To figure that out you have to ask things like:

  • What kind of content they prefer making?
  • Do they like video, or are they more audio people?
  • What kind of content does their audience prefer?
  • Are they more visual learners?
  • What is the most popular kind of content for their audience to consume?


And I’ll wrap it up with a beautiful strategic bow:


I’ll tell people the best kind of opt in for them, and exactly how to go about doing it. I’ll tell people what to make, how to make it, and the best tools for the job, all in a single pdf.


I highly suggest you do something similar with your quiz. Make sure it’s actionable, but also that it provides a quick win. Give people the next action steps that they need to take.


After they’ve got their results, we want to nurture our relationship with the quiz takers. In my case, I’ll be taking them through a welcome sequence that ends up in the template shop. And if you’d like to grab a free sample of these templates, you can do so right here!


Quiz Summary

  1. Walk them through what kind of opt in is best for them and their target audience.
  2. Give them the steps.
  3. Offer them the tools that I have for sale in my shop that can help them get it done.


This is what you do for any opt in. You solve a problem, give people a win, and then offer them something to take it to the next level.


Another example: my friend Terrica has a company called The Printed Orchard. She used Interact to create a brand quiz. She asks questions on your personal style and your brand’s style, and at the end she give you a pdf that describes your brand style in words, but also gives a beautiful mood board that shows people a real example of their brand style.


You can take her quiz for yourself and get your own mood board and brand synopsis right here!


I highly suggest trying out Interact for yourself!

I can’t say enough good things about Interact. The capabilities are amazing. They take away so much of the work of creating a quiz. When you’re making a quiz, not only do you have to think of the answers that people will end up at, but you need to think of the questions to ask that will get you there, and Interact really helps you with this.


In the near future, I’ll do some training to help people get started with Interact!


If you want to get started with your free trial, you can check it out for yourself right here! You can also get a discount using my link. You don’t have to sign up for a paid plan though. You can stay on their free plan and still use quizzes to get people onto your email list.


I believe Interact’s regular plan is $19 per month. What’s nice about this is that, if your quiz is helping to add 100 people per month to your email list, then you’re literally paying cents per person on your email list, which is an excellent investment as you’re growing your business.


Want to find out what your PERFECT Opt in is and take my Quiz for a spin? Click here!



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