Workshop + Design Bundle

get social on stories with video + animation

... and learn how to design Amazingly Engaging Pinterest + Instagram Stories Graphics in Canva


Without getting into the statistics, we all know that stories get so much engagement.

There are now pinterest stories, insta stories and of course, facebook stories.

...Plus the micro content like reels and tik tok.

if that proves anything, video and animation is more than just a trend, the way we consume content is transforming.

Which is why we decided to host a workshop all about why you should consider video and animation as part of your social stories strategy

and of course, it wouldn't be complete without helping designing animated (moving) stories graphics using canva.

Ready to get started using video and animations (beautifully) in your social stories strategy?

VIDEO + ANIMATION Workshop and design bundle

 Fun, impactful Video Workshop where we will share the WHY behind using Video and Animation to create more engagement on social. 

Plus, there is a hands on portion of the workshop where we show you how to actually use Canva to design gorgeously engaging graphics. 

When you invest, you also get access to the Social Stories Bundle that includes Styled Stock Photos + Videos, Canva Templates and curated Canva Animations + Gifs!

Now, who are 'WE'? We are Crystal and Vanessa and we can't stop talking about how excited we are for the Get Social on Stories Workshop.

Crystal is the Creative Director, Photo Stylist, and Commercial Photographer & Videographer behind Crystal Clear Creative Studios, a full service videography and photography studio. Video Styled Stock is the first online video stock subscription for small business owners. Through this subscription Crystal and her team are making a way for you to get your hands on quality, fun and stylish videos you can plug into your social media graphics for increased engagement and visibility.

Crystal Clear Creative Studios, Video Motion Stock

Vanessa has been designing Canva Templates since 2017 and is a Certified Canva Creator, with over 300k downloads of her templates! She has also taught over 15,000 brilliant entrepreneurs how to create Opt ins, digital products and simple email marketing strategies that help them make more money in their business.

Vanessa Ryan, Oh My Template

In case you had some questions...

We really want to make the workshop accessible for everyone, and we can do that by offering a Pay What You Wish Option, where if you’d to pay more we thank you so much. This helps us support and teach others who may not be able to invest a lot financially at this time. 

You will have to enter your payment details, but rest assured you WILL NOT be charged if you enter ‘$0’ and do not click the bundle add on 🙂

After purchase, you will get access to the Workshop + Social Stories Bundle which will make designing and planning your content much easier. You will receive a link to access the workshop and bundle immediately after purchase 🙂

We re-recorded the same content from the live class we taught, and you can access the video workshop as well as workbook that you can watch on demand, disney+ style.

The hands on part of the workshop will be showing templates that were made for Canva. You can however apply some of the same design principles in your favorite design program.

You will receive access to the Video Workshop, Social Stories Workbook. 15 Canva Templates, 3 Styled Stock Videos and 18 Styled Stock Photos. You will get access to all of the links and details immediately after purchase. 

We will be covering some of the basics, like why you should consider using video and animation on your social stories and how you can this do this simply in your own business. We won’t be going super in depth, so this workshop is more for beginners who want to use stories but are not sure how to get started.

You can use the templates and photos for personal use in your business. Purchasing gives you a limited license to use the videos, photos, templates for your own marketing purposes. You are not able to sell or transfer the videos, photos or templates or offer editable versions of any under any circumstances.

Once the worksop has been delivered, we cannot offer refunds. However, if you have any issues at all we offer 150% percent support, so please contact us if you need help with something. We want you to LOVE the product and if we can’t make you happy we will refund your money.

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